Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 American Music Awards

The AMAs aren't really a legit awards ceremony, so the following isn't a totally legit post.

The fashion was "eh" - but something big did go down (literally)...see below.

(Best Of)

Loves it.


(Worst Of)

Sorry, Nicole - even your hubby couldn't save you this time.

Ugh, why are you always here, Carrie Underwood? Go away already.

Too nudey.

Too sloppy (although I think it could have worked with better hair and make-up)

Alicia, I am tired of giving you As for effort/color. Sorry, hon.


What's with these Disney princesses looking like Lifetime ladies?

Too slutty, excuse me, slitty

Too pointy (like the booties, though)

Too drab

Oh, wait - here's another good look:

Wait a minute...

Oh no:

There's a video, too:


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