Saturday, January 30, 2010

Most Improved Player

2010 SAG Awards

The SAG Awards aren't my favorite, so I'm only going to do a short (and more positive-than-usual) recap.

(Done Right)

My current girl-crush. (Her stylist deserves a raise.)

Best dress/couple

A rare, yet beautiful and elegant short-sleeve. (Accompanied by a good man and an equally short/elegant acceptance speech.)

Beautiful front (couldn't find a picture of the beautiful back)

Whoa, this looked much better on television . . .

I think she thinks she looks cuter than we think.

I love velvet, so sue me.

Much better, Glee Girl.

Loving the reds:

Age Appropriate:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the long-sleeves:

Still The Queen.

(Gone Wrong)

Whoa, this looked much worse on television . . .

(You guys look good, but you're still on my sh*t list.)

Friday, January 29, 2010


Menswear Fall/Winter 2010/11

For The Mens

Louis Vuitton
Men's Fall/Winter 2010/11

Stylin' and Profilin'


(Done Right)

(Gone Wrong)

Hot Mess

Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Said It, Not Me

"Who the hell is Oliver Wendell Holmes to tell me what's constitutional? Also, who the hell is Oliver Wendell Holmes?"
-Stephen Colbert

“Yoga for Foodies”

Friday’s event at Exhale Spa was the first of a series of “Yoga for Foodies” sessions, devised by a young, adventurous yoga teacher, David Romanelli, and coming soon to restaurants in Chicago, Cleveland and Dallas.

Calling his mission “yoga for the Everyman,” Mr. Romanelli, 36, plays Grateful Dead songs during class, wears sweat pants rather than spandex, and has already experimented with offering chocolate truffles after chaturanga instruction. “It’s a way of getting people in the door,” he said in an interview. “The world is a better place if people do yoga. And if they come because chocolate or wine is involved, I’m fine with it.”

And in yoga and foodie circles alike, contemplating the awesome significance of every bite taken — its flavors, its implications, its history — often seems to lead to moral judgments about others.

“It’s been one of my struggles,” said Rick Bayless, the Chicago chef, who has been practicing yoga for 15 years, is not a vegetarian and loves pork. “I think that sometimes the yoga community is a little too austere, and it’s hard to talk about what I do with people who believe in eating just what you need to stay alive.”

Mr. Romanelli believes that any profound pleasure of the senses — a live Bruce Springsteen track, an In-N-Out burger, the scent of lavender gathered in the French Alps — can bring on the “yoga high” that is a gateway to divine bliss.

“What yoga teachers do and what chefs do is not so different,” he said. “We take everyday actions like moving and eating, and slow you down so you can appreciate them.” Achieving stillness and peace amid the distractions of life, he said, has always been the higher goal of yoga.

Vegan ravioli

Back at the Exhale studio, wandering among the supple bodies of his acolytes, Mr. Romanelli talked about his recent embrace of the Slow Food movement and his dreams of returning American yogis to what he describes as the happy, prelapsarian state of 1995. “Remember before you had your first e-mail address or your first cellphone,” he said. “Don’t you think that your food tasted better back then?”


Charcoal (Done Right)

Ms. v. Mr.

The woman in me thought that knee-highs were out:

. . . the man in me thought that hookers didn't take their stockings off until after the money was put on the nightstand.

Stylin' and Profilin'

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad (should be "iTab")

Apple Reveals the iPad Tablet

The half-inch thick, 1.5 pound device will feature a 9.7-inch multi-touch screen and is powered by a customized Apple microchip, which it has dubbed A4. The iPad will have the same operating system as the iPhone and access to its 140,000 applications.

The price of the device will start at $499 for the most basic model, with a Wi-Fi wireless connection. More expensive models will be offered with more memory and with 3G wireless access from ATT, which will charge up to $30 for an unlimited monthly data plan.

Wi-Fi-only versions of the device will be available in March, Apple said, with the more expensive 3G models coming 30 days after that.

The most expensive models, with 64-gigabytes of memory and 3G connectivity will cost $829.

However, the device lacks a camera, the ability to make phone calls and does not work with the ubiquitous Flash software that runs many Web sites. Apple is selling accessories such as a stand and a keyboard.

Mr. Jobs positioned the iPad as a device that sits between the laptop and the smart phone – and which does certain things better than both of them, like browsing the Web, reading e-books and playing video.

The iPad “is so much more intimate than a laptop and its so much more capable than a smartphone with its gorgeous screen,” Mr. Jobs crowed. “It’s phenomenal to hold the Internet in your hands.”

(I think most people already hold the internet in their hands everyday, but what do I know. Also, how it is "much more capable than a smartphone" when it is not even capable of a smartphone's most basic function?)


(Done Right)

(Gone Wrong)


Black/Red (Done Right)

(Overkill with the shoes, and the bag's got to go, but I like the blazer too much to send it to "Gone Wrong" land.)