Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 SAG Awards

The SAG Awards aren't my favorite, so I'm only going to do a short (and more positive-than-usual) recap.

(Done Right)

My current girl-crush. (Her stylist deserves a raise.)

Best dress/couple

A rare, yet beautiful and elegant short-sleeve. (Accompanied by a good man and an equally short/elegant acceptance speech.)

Beautiful front (couldn't find a picture of the beautiful back)

Whoa, this looked much better on television . . .

I think she thinks she looks cuter than we think.

I love velvet, so sue me.

Much better, Glee Girl.

Loving the reds:

Age Appropriate:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the long-sleeves:

Still The Queen.

(Gone Wrong)

Whoa, this looked much worse on television . . .

(You guys look good, but you're still on my sh*t list.)


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