Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Grammys

Every fashionista loves the Grammys because the artists can essentially wear whatever their little hearts desire - and this year was no exception.

The Ladies (Done Right)

Exhibit A:

But my favorites were: Miley and Pink

Very different looks, but both dark and sexy.

Loved the nudes:


And Purples:

Well, looky there - Snooki's here! And lookin' not too shabby (although I would have rocked the bump-it au naturale.)

Good look for Ke$ha.

Wasn't her OG option and not very "Grammys" but quite cute.

Eh - the hair sucks, but the dress is okay.

The Mens
(Done Right/Gone Wrong)

Love the polka dots

How do these three always manage to rock it?

These three wish they could rock it that hard.

Yes, yes, yes.

No, no, no.

Cool cat

(Wannabe) Cool cats


American Idol (Gone Wrong):

At least the host got it right.

Another host lookin' fine.

I don't know why I always think he looks good

Ne-Yo's "new artist" - his huge ego - and his VS model-date


(Done Right)

More polka dots to love! And Mya can actually pull off red lips.

Love me some Lady Antebellum - and the skinny tie

(I guess) It's Always Sunny in Linkin Park


(Gone Wrong)

Josh: I'm going to a business meeting.
Fergie: I'm going to space.

Keith: I'm going to a Vegas meeting.
Nicole: I'm from space.

Aww, Snickers - why did you have to go and ruin your outfit with that?

Fergie: See? I'm in space now.

The Ladies (Gone Wrong)

Ahhh . . . I love to love to hate you. Wth is this dress?

I don't want to hate this dress, but I do. It is not flattering (see color and neckline).
Taylor, sweetheart, you could do much better.

Je ne comprende pas.

Fergie: Okay, I'm back.

I thought this girl was supposed to be hot.

I am so sick of seeing this dress (my apologies, Mrs. David Beckham).

Gotta lose the purse strap, babe.

Who told Ciara and Britney that this was a good idea?

Mmm . . . okay, I get that you are an "artist" and this is the Grammys, but come on.
(Like the purse, though.)


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