Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cell Phones > Boyfriends(?)

How women love their mobile phones... more than their boyfriends

Women treasure their mobile phones more than their boyfriends, research revealed today.

The poll of 4,000 women showed that four in 10 said they would be 'devastated' if they lost their phones, while a third admitted they could happily live without a man in their lives. Mothers came top in the list of women's most treasured possessions, followed by photographs and best friends.

The study, by online pawnbroker Borro.com, saw boyfriends come fifth in the list, placing above diamond rings, pets, laptops and hair straighteners. One in five would consider pawning their valuable items to raise much needed cash, and the majority would even dump their boyfriend or husband in exchange for £700,000.

Borro.com CEO Paul Aitken said: "The list certainly threw up some surprises with boyfriends featuring below photos and mobile phones. It's understandable why mums come out top though - they are there to lend an ear, offer support and a best friend to many girls. Photos hold fun and significant memories which could be devastating to lose and a mobile phone keeps women connected and it's always by their side."

The survey found that treasured possessions helped raise a smile at least five times a day for three quarters of those polled. Other items among the top 20 included a favourite pair of shoes, Vaseline, concealer and mascara. The research also revealed that the average woman will spend £624 a year on treats - such as lipstick or jewellery - to boost her mood.

Mr Aitken added: "Diamond rings represent 70 per cent of the loans we give to women so we are not surprised to see them right at the top of the list alongside mothers and boyfriends, that have a high emotional value but zero material value."

1. Mother
2. Photographs
3. Mobile phone
4. Best friend
5. Boyfriend
6. Diamond ring
7. Pet
8. Laptop
9. Hair straighteners
10. Handbag
11. Purse (wait, isn't this the same as #10?)
12. Car
13. iPod (soon to be replaced with iPad?)
14. Favourite shoes
15. Tweezers
16. Mascara
17. Cuddly toy
18. Old love letters
19. Diamond earrings
20. Slippers

(I would like to know: (A) How old these "women" are. (B) Whether or not they were all British.)



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