Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 Grammys: Red Carpet

The Grammys is the most action-packed, performance-filled award show of the season.

Muse was one of the best performances of the night:

These divas killed it during their tribute to Aretha Franklin:

Note 1: Martina McBride's stunning gown.

Note 2: You do not need not wear musical notes to a musical award show.

Here it is, folks - the Best and the Worst.

(Best Of)

Love it:

Work it:

Basil Soda and Jimmy Choo


The group ensembles really pulled it out this year:

Kings of Leon

Well, maybe just the right-hand side of this group:

Little Big Town

Sons of Mumford

Even Gaga looked pretty good:

Once she got out of her shell . . .

Wait . . . okay, I will understand if you disown me for the terrible joke. 

(Worst Of)

You make me feel like I'm livin' a "couture" nightmare:


Oh Lord have mercy:


Too skinny, fits like a trashbag:

I have got the Bieber Fever!

Mmm . . . but the Biebs may consider taking a test to see whether or not he's color blind.


These boots look like straight jackets:

My eyes hurt:


How dare you take away "Best New Artist" from JB?  (Kinda cute look though.):

 Not bad:




Whoa, way too much look:


Played out:

We get it:




There is something wrong when Snooki looks more fun and event appropriate than most:

(Wild Thing)

Finally, something fun! Love them both. It's the Grammys for crying out loud.


A little too glam for the Grammys if you ask me:


Why are you even here?
It is because your cheater-of-an-ex-husband thought he was a rapper?
Oh, okay.


Please go away (nice stems, tho):


Pros: Dress
Cons: Hair

I don't get it:


Oh my, my, my.  I feel slightly embarrassed just looking at her in this:

I actually really like this dress:

Call me crazy, but I think Margaret Cho looks very rock and roll here:


This should not be allowed on the red carpet. Or anywhere else in life.





Whatcha gon' do about it?:

Could be fierce? I'm on the fence about this one:

The Colonel called.  He wants his tie back. (Props for stepping outside the box, tho.):

The most disappointing look of the night. Why, oh why, would you wear this dress and those bangles when you looked so gorgeous on stage?

(Ms. v. Mr.)
The woman in me:  Is her dress on backwards?
The man in me:  Where did her neck go?

(American Idols)

Same old:


Gorgeous face, great hair, hot bod - not feelin' the dress, however:

Who's this guy?


(Done Right)

(Gone Wrong)


Not a huge fan of the hair, but lovely:

It's called a "steamer":

Points for bringing the moms:

No comment:

(Hot Boys)

Love a bowtie:

So shoot me, I like this:

Retro: Kind of annoying, but kind of cute:

Whoa, Paul Wall lost a lot of weight.

Love the glasses:

Love the everything:

 So adorable/sexy (look at the shoes!):

Yes, yes, yes:

(No-so-hot Boys)

This looks like he didn't even try:


Umm.  Excuse me, sir, I think there is something wrong with your shirt.

Fact: John Mayer ≠ Johnny Depp.

Yeah, yeah, yeah:


Hot face, scary pants:



Mr. Manilow, please eat something. It will do wonders for your legs and make you look younger, too.


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