Monday, August 16, 2010


For the past few months, I have been trying tons of new places in the D.C.-metropolitan area thanks to my new tasting partner ("TP"). TP and I were waiting for a table at Rustico (post to come), and decided to cross the street for dessert at Buzz:

There are assigned seats where laptops are not allowed (very anti-Starbucks, ey?) and boardgames to play.

This photo is an accurate representation of the clientele: a set of hipster parents with a baby stroller, a middle-aged man reading a book, and a group of yuppies chillin':

I know that cupcakery has become a foodie phenomenon as of late, and some people hate it and can't wait for the so-called "fad" to die out, and others live for the stuff (even substituting cupcakes for a wedding cake...which is madness to me, personally).

I am not sure as to where I stand on the cupcake issue, but of these things I am sure:

1. I love eating dessert before dinner.
2. Cupcakes are desserts.
3. I was craving a cupcake like no other this day. 

As you can see from the pictures, the prices are fairly reasonable: from $2.25 to 2.75 for one cupcake (comparable to the $2.75 Georgetown Cupcakes).

I got a traditional vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting - decorated with little white round sprinkles, which gave it a nice texture.

The Frosting: light and airy (not for dense-butter-cream-lovers) could taste the butter, but not too sweet
The Cake: also light and airy, with a nicely browned top, just sweet enough
The Presentation: other cupcakes were very festive and cartoonish, but mine was very simple and elegant
Overall Taste: A, I very much appreciated the smaller size of the cupcake and the cake to frosting ratio (5:1) was just right for my mood that day because I wanted more cake and less frosting, but what I liked even more was how lightly sweetened both the cake and frosting were - and I was thrilled by the unique crunch and look of the white sprinkles.

TP got the blueberry tart with a white chocolate cigarette.

The Crust: light and butter, pretty moist, very thin - the tart to fruit ratio was 1:9 (not for thick-crust-lovers)
The Filling: heavy on the fruit - big, plump, whole blueberries in a sweet sugar sauce 
Overall Taste: A-, I enjoyed the thinner crust and the massive amount of berries, but I wouldn't call it a traditional blueberry tart, and the taste wasn't out of the ordinary, but good.

Overall, I give this place a solid A because the portion-size was excellent, they weren't heavy-handed on the sugar, and the ambiance was playful and fun.

They also had an interesting selection of Belgian and German beers, along with coffee, tea, wine, and cocktails

Although we always say this, and have yet to do it so far, we will go back again - and maybe we'll try the bacon cupcake:

. . . and I will most definitely be getting a slice of the Lemon Ice Box Pie.

"Eat, Pray, Love." -That lady played by Julia Roberts
"Eat, Drink, Play." -Buzz
"Drink, Play, F*ck." -Andrew Gottlieb, hilarious parody writer


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