Monday, August 16, 2010


Q: "What goes better with fire grilled food than beer?" -Rustico Restaurant & Bar
A: Nothing. -The Ironical Transcendentalist

My TP took me to Rustico just off the parkway of the north end of Old Town Alexandria, VA. It is located a stone's throw away from Buzz in a red brick building with a clock tower (very Back to the Future-esque).

As soon as we stepped in, I immediately took to the warmth of the brick oven nestled in the kitchen surrounded by dark colors and bold mosaics. I also noticed the upside-down water bottles that acted as vases for wild flowers in the foyer.

The food is American, but their pride is their selection of over 300 beers.

Our friendly waiter recommended the Otter Creek IPA, which I loved - it was dry and very hoppy:

My TP ordered the cheeseburger on a brioche bun and nice, big steak fries.

The Burger: very moist and lighter than it appeared, the cheese was melted nicely
The Bun: the brioche added a fancy touch to the burger, quite airy and even lighter than the burger
The Fries: tasted just like Boardwalk Fries, so if you love those, you'd love these - although they were a bit on the burnt side
Overall: B+

We made our own pizza by adding salami to the traditional Margarhita with mozzarella and basil.

The Crust: passed my snobby crust test - stuck straight out at a 90 degree angle when I held it by its end - lightly dusted with flour with just enough crunch and chew
The Sauce: decent tomato sauce, not bad, not anything special
The Toppings: Ben and Jerry's style toppings were a hit, big chunks of mozzarella combined with big, but not-too-thickly-sliced pieces of good quality salami, and not too much basil
Overall: A+
[Sorry, lost my pics.]

Next time, I want to try the duck confit and cracklin' pizza:


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