Friday, October 8, 2010

2010 Emmys

I know, I know - this post is LONG overdue. (Please forgive me.)

But it is here! Let's get to it, shall we?

Top 5 Faves:

Claire Danes looks brilliant, literally.:

Armani Prive

 I love Toni Collette and this pattern is just so beautiful:

 Julie Bowen looks hot:

J. Mendel
 Love the bracelets:

Burberry Prorsum
 If you're gonna go short at a formal event, do it like Heidi:



Don't get me wrong, I love me some Scarlett O'Hara . . . but this is a little much:

Carolina Herrera
 A for effort:

Donna Karan

Zuhair Murad

Perfect fit:

Zuhair Murad
Not-so-perfect fit:

Belle gone wrong:

Carolina Herrera

A little age inappropriate, but okay:

Ina Soltani
Pros: Fierce hair and make-up, neckline
Cons: Hemline
Alexander McQueen

Black (Done Right):

Finally, something fashionable:

Robert Rodriguez

Narcisco Rodriguez

Bottega Veneta
Black (Gone Wrong):

I kinda like the dress, but not on Angela:

Romona Keveza

Age inappropriate (cute hair, though): 

Tony Ward
 I dislike this woman so much:

Carmen Marc Valvo
Sorry, Kathy - love you, but you have got to try another look:

Oscar de la Renta

L'Wren Scot

The worst of the night by far:

Too much hair, too much dress, not enough mirrors

Black/White (Gone Wrong)

Top = too frumpy
Bottom = too sexy
Yihal Azrouel

When I watercolor my tablecloth at home, I don't wear it out - I leave it there.

Tina, Tina, Tina. What have we talked about? No more black. This does not count. And it's ugly.

Oscar de la Renta

Men should not look like this. Ever.

Tom looks handsome and Rita's face looks amazing, but the crystals are a mess:


Greek Goddess (Done Right)

Greek Goddess (Gone Wrong):

Why I am not a fan of Marchesa, Exhibit #274:


Perhaps Level X is not the place to shop for a red carpet event:



Zac Posen


Ill-fitting, but nice color:

Rubin Singer
Pewter (Done Right):

Eh, I just think Don Draper is hot:

Both in Giorgio Armani
 Quite chic:

Do we love them? Yes, we do!
Calvin Klein
 Nearly "Gone Wrong," but this woman bore 6 children, so we'll let her slide:

Blue (Done Right):

Love the shape:

 Safe, but pretty enough:
 Too much necklace (per usual), but gorgeous neckline and color:

Carolina Herrera
Blue (Gone Wrong):

I get it, but I don't like it:
Oscar de la Renta
Oh, honey-child - but don't worry, you're prettier than the older one:

Modern Family Daughter #2

Normally, I love Versace . . . but I am clueless as to what this is and why her hair looks like that:



Love it or Hate it? I kinda dig it:

Makoto Takada


Very nice:

Uh, it's pretty, I guess(?):
 Monique Lhuillier
Orange (Done Right):

Glad to see her looking healthy and amazing (the dress looked much better on stage):

Orange (Gone Wrong):

Jimmy Fallon's wife has a pretty face, but that dress is doing nothing for her:


I like this:
I do not like this:

I hate this:


I'm not sure about this one, Bones/Cricket's real-life wife:

Max Azria Atelier
Works everytime:

Ali Rahimi

Pamella Roland
 Love it or Hate it? I can't decide . . . love it?

Zac Posen

Funny couple - the dress is alright:
Max Azria
Okay, I guess sometimes it's acceptable to wear your watercolor-ed tablecloth out in public. But only if your name is Betty White.


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